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1. Audit

We delve into your business to understand it from an operational standpoint and gather as much information as possible about your company. Then, we will ultimately define which blend of techniques and solutions work best for you.

Result: A visual representation of your current organizational structure and processes


2. Software Compartmentalization

We determine the areas that should be optimized and systematized so as to be translatable into a technological reality. This compartmentalization constitutes the pillars of your future software architecture.

Result: A presentation of sub-platforms that divide the software framework and inform the architecture


3. Functionalities Identification

We want to describe every single functionality that will exist between each platform and major section and determine how they all connect within the platform as a whole.

Result: Document that lists exactly what the user can do in each functionality and settlement on overall functionalities


4. Visual Representation & Design

We take the settled functionalities and represent them within a comprehensive user interface while accounting for the overall user experience.

Result: A design system, front-end prototypes, and flow diagrams simulating the user experience for various users within each company and platform


5. Engineering Strategy & SRS

We conduct a lead engineer interview and facilitate the passage of information between design and engineering teams. We also map the database architecture to ensure no organizational flaws in the software. An SRS or Software Requirements Specification is created to finalize the outline of the software being developed and how it will function.

Result: Formalization of engineering tasks and goals as well as a defined structure of the software, SRS


6. Predictive Modelling

We create the mathematical algorithms that drive your software. These models allow for business predictions and automation within your company.

Result: Various machine learning APIs to be deployed where needed within the software solution


7. Software Engineering

We complete the front end development to fill out the user interface before working on back end integration. Within backend development we construct various APIs that work within the database architecture created in the previous step.

Result: A functioning software forming the basis of your company’s system


8. Data Transfer

We compile any data created using previous enterprise software solutions and convert them into a format viable for future use in our new software.

Result: A complete data transfer into our new software


9. Testing

The software is tested against the previous settled requirements in order to ensure all levels are operating as designed.

Result: A fully tested product ready to be implemented throughout your organization.


10. Deployment & Maintenance

All user groups are on-boarded onto the software. Ongoing maintenance will continue indefinitely to ensure bugs are fixed and updates are applied.

Result: The complete digital transformation of your company as well as continued support from our team to ensure success

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