Think Resto


The Project

Think Resto was born out of the need for restaurant owners to have a simple and elegant website solution and from there it has evolved into a comprehensive software solution for owners to manage their businesses. It incorporates an intuitive mobile application with marketing solutions that make it easy and convenient for restaurant owners to get their message to the world. Owners are given the tools to easily dictate their menu and events in real time without the worry of a clunky appearance. Additionally, restaurants can easily track website visitors and revenue generated from all sources of income. One integral component is the ease with which customers can order online or book reservations from restaurants. This content management solution has been built around ease of use and tailored specifically to the user while eliminating the technical jargon that can discourage many users. Ultimately, Think Resto offers a top to bottom solution for restaurant owners to communicate their message, track visitors and revenue, and update dining options.


The Erdos development team first thoroughly conceptualized the technological needs a restaurant has, and how we could provide an effective solution. Once those concerns were addressed, we evaluated current website solutions for restaurant owners and discovered both the successes and flaws of those designs. Through speaking with those in the food service industry, we were able to hear firsthand how they felt their current products were lacking as well. This research culminated in a comprehensive software design with web and mobile applications. In addition, AI models were specifically incorporated to model projected revenue for restaurants utilizing data from previous periods of business. This platform was to fully optimize all the tools desired, from social media marketing to revenue tracking.