Ramsey Theory Capital


The Project

The world of investing and private equity has come to be revolutionized with the advent of Big Data, and the potential role of artificial intelligence. Ramsey Theory Capital is the culmination of traditional investing and a modern analytical approach, using cutting edge machine learning technology. Through advanced AI models, Ramsey Theory Capital is able to accurately predict the successes and failures of various stocks and investments and make informed decisions as a result. Importantly, the AI models successfully model the risk of various investments so that Ramsey can boldly invest with confidence. These models are the basis on which decisions are made, and are the foundation on which these investments succeed and our capital grows.


Erdos revolutionized the means in which investing is conducted with the forming of Ramsey Theory Capital. The team dutifully modeled financial markets and systematically built AI models to mimic the successes and failures of a wide variety of industries and commodities. Erdos referenced traditional models as well as traditional determining factors for indications of what to include in the AI models. Some of the models leverage deep learning technology and adapt to the environment as the algorithm essentially learns on its own. Erdos, in conjunction with Ramsey Theory Capital, has developed ultra modern solutions for traditional investments and is poised to grow considerably.