The Math Database


The Project

One of the most powerful tools used in education is that of visualization. When the majority of students are introduced to concepts using images they are better able to comprehend the underlying complexities. By understanding these complexities, students are given the tools to draw connections between varying concepts and further establish a foundation for areas of thinking. Unfortunately, this tool is incredibly underutilized, with educators too often relying on written descriptions and other surface level explanations. While students may grasp these types of lessons, it is incredibly difficult to thoroughly comprehend what they are learning and make the connections necessary for true understanding. Further, today’s students are pushed to strive for perfection, rather than this integral understanding, hindering their ability to progress to higher levels of learning. The act of failing is an experience that forms a bond between the student and concept that enhances the learning experience. It is through experiential learning, in conjunction with visualization, that allows students to develop the deep knowledge base required to reach their respective peaks of learning.


The Math Database is a project that seeks to address these concerns and provide students with an education prioritizing true understanding and varying degrees of mastery. To accomplish this task, the database acts as a visual dictionary with a plethora of mathematical concepts. Those who study in this system would be exposed to these images and develop an intuition for how to apply their lessons. By seeing connections, the student becomes an active learner, rather than a listener in a traditional classroom. The conceptual connections would become the student’s creation and establish both a genuine appreciation for this learning and thorough understanding. For example, with virtual reality, students could potentially see different mathematical functions in three dimensions and manipulate their variables and see changes in real time. The next generation of educational development will come as a result of incorporating new breakthrough technologies, and The Math Database seeks to be at the forefront of this change.


At Erdos technologies, we understand that investing in the next generation is integral to the furthering of society. We have conceptualized and begun to develop the technology that would power The Math Database using our expertise in user experience and software construction. New technologies such as virtual reality will be leveraged to create a living environment for education. The platform aims to incorporate examples such as geometric proofs that students could see and interact with. This interaction builds intuition and a greater understanding. In addition, the Erdos team is working to demonstrate the history of mathematics and its development. The user will experience mathematics as its developers had and truly relive their breakthroughs and come to appreciate the interconnectedness of the subject and complex beauty. These visual experiences are truly exciting for Erdos as the Math Database represents the learning experience our developers dreamed of.