The Project

Block Trade Desk is a digital asset management platform of a new kind. Unlike traditional platforms focusing on the exchange of speculative assets, Block Trade Desk aims to build upon Decentralized Applications’ potential to extend the power of blockchain technology outside the realm of cryptocurrencies into the realm of any form of information value exchange. Block Trade Desk will empower users to aggregate and safely manage all their smart contracts on a single platform with a simple and intuitive user experience. Rather than being a digital currency wallet, Block Trade Desk aims to be a general digital information wallet.


Erdos Technologies is in charge of conceiving, architecting, and developing the project and product. Our product development team began by translating the investors’ vision into a concrete user experience before carefully planning every phase of the project in terms of time and resource allocation. Our software engineering team concurrently prepared the Systems Requirements Specifications, which acts as a programming and DevOps blueprint and responds to the unusual architecture challenges involved with leveraging the nascent blockchain or decentralized database technology. Our project managers are tasked with ensuring proper coordination and reporting of all technical and financial aspects during the project’s lifecycle. Furthermore, Erdos Technologies took part in raising and managing capital to ensure the project’ success. Block Trade Desk is on schedule and its platform is set to launch in 2019.