AB Environmental


The Project

AB Environmental has been servicing the environmental industry for 30 years, providing services spanning environmental compliance and emergency response, with over 50 key personnel including operations managers, health and safety officers, accounting officers, equipment operators and trained hazmat technicians. As part of an effort to better service and expand their clientele and optimize their day-to-day operations, AB Environmental needed to rethink their organization and develop operations research analysis along with a complete in-house streamlined software that leveraged cutting-edge machine learning technologies.


Our expert team stepped-in and took on a full top-to-bottom approach to creating a highly technical and specialized organizational system that would provide AB Environmental with robust organizational tools to increase efficiency in workflow processes and increase revenues. We started with an overall assessment to gain a holistic understanding of AB Environmental’s organization and processes. We conducted an internal audit in order to design a custom in-house software. Our end product resulted in a complete internal program including:

  • Data management platform
  • Web based portal
  • Mobile App with permission architecture and custom UX based on roles within the company
  • Custom CRM
  • Custom dispatch system that leverages AI/Machine Learning with mathematical optimization in order to make routing and decisions.
  • Analytics platform
  • Marketing management platform

Erdos Technologies designed an easy-to-use, unified and cost effective platform. The custom software touches all areas of AB Environmental’s internal and external processes and are interconnected.