Technology Industry

Financial Modeling and Asset Allocation



Technology companies have previously adapted poorly to changes in business environments globally and locally. These companies relied on annual budgeting forecasts and had difficulties responding to individual markets. Financial forecasting was not particularly fluid and would not efficiently react to external factors or changes made by the company.


In order to better optimize financial models on a global scale, technology companies incorporate financial forecasting through machine learning. The financial platform that was assembled would allow them to test spending levels regarding company-specific goals from sustainable growth to profitability. The developed software has significantly increased tech companies’ capabilities with regards to choosing their budgets for specific markets and to their marketing strategies. For example, now they can examine the profitability for a given market as a result of their marketing spend during a period of time. The models can handle a variety of data inputs and different prioritizations to yield various results. The various models have allowed companies to minimize spending and maximize product usage. Lastly, tech companies have recently introduced the use of deep learning technology to better predict financial models with reliance upon user-level metrics.