Recruiting Industry

Efficient Processing and Accountability



The recruiting industry was able to effectively transform their operations with the inclusion of speech recognition software. Companies within the industry are hired to effectively find new employees for their clients’ companies according to what the client is seeking in future hires. The recruiting companies would be forced to codify their interviews and relay that information to their clients. Unfortunately, such a process was incredibly time consuming and delayed from their intended work of conducting such interviews and effectively evaluating all prospects.


Using speech recognition software, recruiting companies are now able to delve into their interviews and provide their clients with concrete analysis of all candidates. The conversations are transcribed and then summarized in reports, highlighting qualities that their future employers are looking for. These reports are based on the reports previously created by recruiting companies, and allowed the machine learning software to have a foundation on which to build upon. The ability to show compliance with clients assuages any fears they may have and confirms the clients’ hopes of finding the best possible future employees.