Engineering Industry

Jetliner Construction and Design



When constructing new commercial aircraft, extreme efficiency is necessary to minimize costs and increase speed. In addition, the complexity of such a project necessitates intense organization. Previously, teams would set out a plan in advance of such construction, mapping out in their minds the most efficient means of building the planes. However, there are bound to be inefficiencies and unforeseen delays, causing bottlenecks along the lines of manufacture. 


In order to increase efficiency, airline manufacturers utilize autonomous scheduling software when constructing new commercial aircraft. The autonomous planning would prioritize certain tasks as well as create diagrams to demonstrate the reasoning for the various construction processes. In addition, the AI would be able to adapt to the addition of new tasks and priorities. The autonomous planning has successfully adapted to the real-time production variability and the building has become dynamic. Ultimately, the software has been able to resolve complex conflicts in scheduling to ensure the most efficient assembly of the aircraft.