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Process Optimization

Through Process Optimization consulting we analyze, understand and improve the workflow of organizations. By identifying the underlying structure of an organization and the various employees that comprise that structure, we are able to streamline the flow of information with an improved organizational structure.

The analysis and streamlining of organizations enables us to see the realistic potential for growth. This growth is realized over time when our clients embrace the efforts we've laid out and understand both the direct benefits to the vision of the company.


Digital Strategy

Through Digital Strategy Consulting, Erdos defines where digital solutions could be used within companies to better optimize their organization. Leading from the deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, we can visualize where integrated software solutions would revolutionize the company dynamic and greatly improve efficiency.

By identifying the areas in which digitization would not only be necessary but incredibly effective, Erdos illuminates growth. Streamlining processes and allowing users to access information wherever they are creates a necessary flexibility.


Software Development

After both identifying the processes and areas in which digitization should occur, Erdos is primed to create an integrated software solution for our clients. At Erdos, we have the expertise to deliver solutions ranging from Customer Relationship Management to Business Process Management utilizing AI and Quantitative Analysis.

With Software Development Consulting we are able to make the digital transformation process a reality. The different software solutions we implement are specifically designed for each client, incorporating nuances that only through our process are we able to uncover and translate into software.


Digital Marketing

A digital marketing strategy is essential to taking advantage of the growing opportunities in digital marketing. Erdos Digital Marketing Consulting plans, executes, and manages integrated digital marketing campaigns across organic, paid, and social channels.

Erdos Digital Marketing Consulting can accelerate your company’s growth, improve customer acquisition, and maximize Inbound and Outbound Marketing automation in your marketing and lead generation.


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