Technology is the driving force behind economic and social change. There is more to a successful technology than building a product. We believe that making technology is a venture to understand the world. This is precisely what motivated us to create Erdos Technologies, and we strive to integrate this approach in our work: we treat every project as an opportunity to understand a piece of the world - through the people it involves, their motivations, and the interactions between makers and users.



We place a high value on pursuing things of interest for their complexity and challenge. We are inquisitive and eager to discover the optimum solution for your biggest problems. We ask a lot of questions and are open to new ideas; processing them rationally, but with an open mind.


We believe in adhering to the highest moral and ethical principles. This means consistent and transparent communication internally and with you. Our relationship with you is dependent on the integrity of our actions.


We believe that achieving the best results requires a partnership between our team and yours. The most novel solutions are never discovered in isolation, rather they emerge from the symbiosis of adjacent ideas and new ways of thinking. Collaboration stands at the core of our identity.

Our Leaders


The company was named after the twentieth-century mathematician Paul Erdos, as the mathematically inclined founders are inspired by his passion and his approach to solving open problems. Erdos was an eccentric, prolific, and profound thinker who, in quiet literal ways, lived according to the belief that problem-solving was a matter of constant social interaction. His entire life is a testament to intellectual freedom